Review and results of  the

XIIth International Private Investigators Summer School

July 06.-10.2016, Sinaia/Romania

Knowledge, Skills and Excellence –
We Meet the Challenges


The 12th edition of “International PI Summer School” is history. This edition of this training Event joins the successful work of Maria Bumbaru and the strong commitment of this year’s Honorary Dean George Hirtl.

Georg Hirtl presented a very interesting program, which focused principally on the practical needs of European Private Investigators. From the participants I received a feedback that makes me sure that it was a win for all us.

Maria Bumbaru made the Summer School to an unforgettable Event again with the impressive Romanian landscape in the background and of course Romanian culture.

Special thanks goes to the Speakers. They came this year from Austria, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey and Germany (for more details about the program go to the website of IKD).


Lothar Müller, IKD delegate of BID, wrote in an open letter:

Dear colleagues and friends,

why are we coming – some of us already several times – to International PI Summer School? Obviously, we want to improve and gain new knowledge but also to meet again old colleagues and friends and make new ones. We visit Romania because of its culture and great hospitality of Romanians. We visit Romania because of its terrific nature and breath-taking landscapes. However, we are here also for professional reasons: we want to improve our own business.

We take the opportunity to improve our own professionalism and use the collegiate experience.

The „International PI Summer School“ is unique in Europe and I assume worldwide.

For 12 years, Maria Bumbaru has been running successfully this event, of course with the support of colleagues form the Romanian Professional Association. In addition – what I like to stress – the Summer School is a non-profit-event. I know that Maria and other members of the Romanian Association, Mihai Adrian or Gina Si Dumitru Niturad, invest not only their time and energy but their private money as well; the Sommer School is for them affair of the heart.

Within these 12 years, the “International PI Summer School” has developed into an institution with seminars addressed to all the European colleagues. The program comes up to the professional Needs and to the respective national legal requirements of European countries. It cannot be repeated often enough: if you attend “PI Summer School”, you have a unique selling proposition to our customers.

The experience of the „International PI Summer School“ was the initial point for the German colleagues to bring it up to a further level. Most of you know that we have applied to this year IKD Congress in Hamburg, for a “European PI Competence Centre“ to set it up under the umbrella of the IKD as an IKD Institution!

The „International PI Summer School“ provides the appropriate knowledge and experience, and is already now closely associated with the IKD.

We are all aware that the European Union guarantees a free exchange of goods, products, free travel from one country to another, exchanging information.

However, we also must be aware of the fact that criminals use this situation as well.

As an example, a so-called VAT carousel (one topic this year Summer School) is possible just under these conditions, the same white-collar crime, money laundry, human trafficking and other General crime. Private investigators must be prepared to deal with these cross-border activities in the interest of our clients. This is one of the essential objectives of the IKD and we have taken a giant step in this direction.

Our basis are IKD Common Standards of Competence, IKD-Ethic-Guidelines and the Best-Praxis-Guidelines. The point is: Competencies and Services have to be comparable within European Law and different law in European countries; they have to be accountable and transparent. We need clear definitions, so that we understand the same terms in the same way.

What is our, the German, idea of such a „European Competence Center“? What should this „Competence Centre“achieve?

That means:

  • Announcement and Enforcement of Common Standards of Competence, European wide
  • Professional competence and high standard of compliance, which is gaining more influence on policy makers
  • Elaboration of uniform workout programs according to EU standards and Uniform instruction of lecturers according to EU standards;

This program must be derived from the „European Qualifications Framework“ (EQF) and have a runtime of minimum three years. Currently there are no further proposals for additional sites for such Competence Centre.

The IKD-Congress this year in Hamburg accepted such a project and gave order to create a committee. Its tasks should be:

  • define the conditions
  • define organizational structure and responsibilities based on European validity Standards
  • define the demands on potential trainers, speakers and teachers
  • define of costs, which should be designed so that every member could settle.

Dear Colleagues, dear Students if you are interested in the discussion about this proposal, if you have questions or ideas I would be very glad if we use the opportunity an talk about it during the days here in Sinaia.

Thank you!

Lothar Müller
BID IKD-Delegate, Germany