EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

November 2017 Ljubljana/Slovenia

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During our IKD Meeting in Helsinki, we discussed an event we named “Train the Trainers”.

Finally, Žiga Primc (Slovenia) and Lothar Müller (Germany) took up it and make a provisional suggestion to start with the discussion on the EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

The idea is that two lawyers, one from Slovenia and one from Germany, talk about the Data Protection Regulation and its significance for our profession when making business within European Union as well as with non-European countries.

We already got in contact with the two lawyers: Marco Biewald from Germany and Nataša Pirc Musar from Slovenia, who are ready to prepare presentations or workshops and discuss the relevant issues with the participants.

Mr. Biewald is a long-standing lawyer in Germany; he and his law-company is specialized in Data protection Law, for Germany and international Nataša Pirc Musar, former information officer, established Slovenian “Data Protection Officer Club”; together with her team she works actively on this field of Data protection in Slovenia.

We suggest that the workshop should be addresses to the trainers among us, but of course all members are invited to take part in this one-day-event.

At this stage of preparation, we have discussed with the speakers a raw of topics among others:

  • Providing of information on behalf of an EU-client concerning an EU-citizen / company for an EU-clients;
  • Providing of information on behalf of an EU-client on an EU-citizen / company for a Non-EUclient;
  • Providing of information on behalf of a non-EU client (eg USA / GB) concerning an EU-citizen / EU- company;
  • Commissioning a non-EU-colleague (PI) to obtain information / knowledge about an EUcitizen / EU- company during his / her stay abroad;
  • Commissioning a Non-EU-colleague (PI) to obtain information / knowledge about a Non-EUcitizen / company based abroad;
  • Differences between national regulations e.g. Employments and their special national regulations;
  • Special requirements with reference to Employee Data Protection, which could be different from country to country;
  • Requirements on the orders from Client to PI and from PI to PI
  • Technical requirements for transfer data from one country to another and special requirements for GPS-Data, video-/photo documentations (and their transfer abroad)
  • Requirements for individual questions in individual countries.

These are the main issues with the international reference.

We invite all members for this event.

Event details

Venue: Ljubljana/Slovenia

Date of event: November 25.2017 (arriving November 24, depart November 26, 2017),
alternative December 2, 2017 (arriving December 1, depart December 3, 2017)

At the stage of our planning, we are still flexible, so we could change the date between the both named data

Seminar language: English.

Participation fee: ca. EUR 150 (cost for meeting room and for a small fee for the speakers)

Hotel cost: We have made a preliminary arrangement with the hotel Meksiko

The prices for the rooms are:

  • 69 EUR/night (two persons, double bed) including breakfast + 1,27 EUR tourist tax/night
  • 59 EUR/night (one person, single bed) including breakfast + 1,27 EUR tourist tax/night

You can reach Ljubljana by some low-cost airlines. Transfer from Airport to Hotel twill organized.

The event will take place if there enough participants to cover the costs. We kindly ask the members to inform us by September 10, 2017 whether you will participate in this event.

Note: After 10 September, we will make binding arrangements with the hotel and the official invitation will be sent again to the members.

If we have not enough participants, the seminar will not take place.

Best regards

Lothar Müller, Germany & Žiga Primc/Slovenia

Please send your confirmation for participation to this event to:   and/or